SG ARCHITECTE has designed new collection of Alpine Street Furniture, adapted to mountain resorts in France and abroad. Composed of three ranges, it aims to provide solutions for all user activities. The elegant designs can be customised with the town’s emblem, lit up or connected and can be used in the resort all year round. Each model is available in different sizes (S M L) to suit each site. The main difference between the ranges is the materials used.


Imagining new urban places

Yet modern street furniture is not a mere accumulation of mismatched objects dotted around a city. It contributes to creating exterior pathways animated with everyday moments of sociability, conviviality and well-being. It meets the contemporary demand for living together as a community in close cohesion, in comfort, and with a balanced relationship with nature and the urban environment.

Mountain towns and winter sports resorts need to offer people using the public spaces the street furniture they require: shelters, bus shelters, picnic tables, lighting, display panels, signage, orientation tables, bins, bike racks, posts, boundary markers, bollards, fountains, planters etc.


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