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holistic plan

Street furniture is a means of composing the urban space. If we want to make this space viable and pleasant for users, it needs to be integrated as part of a holistic plan.


How can we change our public spaces and what message do we want to send to users ?
How can we share this message and what do we want to experience ?


We need to call ourselves and our habits into question, because our contemporary need to live together is constantly changing and developing …


Before looking at the street furniture proposed in our catalogue, the Mobilier Alpin teams invite you to undertake an audit as the first stage of your urban space study.
This process aims to engage upstream discussion of a number of the themes which structure urban planning based on specific local issues, in order to identify the needs and define guidelines for future development.

Footbridge, Aiguille Rouge – © Raj Bundhoo

Mobilier Alpin calls on the services of two structures to meet this need for thinking through a project ahead of implementation:


SG ARCHITECTE is the architectural firm which founded Mobilier Alpin. The firm has the expertise required to generate ideas and make proactive suggestions on an urban scale.


SUPERNOVA is a design agency specialised in urban design and signage, thus giving our clients a complete overview of urban mobility and development issues.



Introduction to the project and understanding the challenges
Each project begins with a launch meeting to discuss the challenges involved in the assignment.
This is vital to understand the expectations, the stages of the collaboration, and how each party works.


Identifying the key points relating to urban mobility
The first phase involves a full immersion in the urban setting to understand the main destination, access points, major roads and pathways and all the opportunities available to enhance the space with furniture or signage.

master plan

Observing the public space and urban sequences
Who moves around the urban space? How? At what time of the day?
By putting ourselves in the shoes of residents, tourists and other users we can interpret the movements within the space from their point of view and identify the opportunities in a given space.

urban signage

Managing flows, direction and orientation
People’s feeling of well-being in the urban space is enhanced by their understanding of the surrounding environment. If the space is clearly identified, they can find their way easily and feel encouraged to explore it, own it and return to it.
An urban signage project can be as broad or as focused as you wish: either a simple reworking of the graphics or a full city-wide study, we can meet all your different needs.

benchmarking and image strategy

Opening up communication between design and the public space
The Mobilier Alpin range was created for the urban environment as its setting of choice : design, when removed from a defined context, becomes a work of art, moving away from its primary function of creating a connection between the user and the space.

infographics and graphic charter

Working on shapes and typography
The image of a town or city is reflected by how it communicates : graphics are one of the most powerful means of connecting with visitors and residents, whilst creating a mood aligned with the town or city in question.

original creations

Proposing new personalised services
The main strength of the Mobilier Alpin project lies in its versatility, as in the upstream signage project which is perfectly adapted to each town or city.
The range of furniture available in our catalogue can be adapted to fit into any urban setting, by incorporating its specific characteristics: graphic charter, specific typology of users, seasonal activities… to create a unique range that enhances the environment.